Name:   Angel Luv's Tinkerbell (aka Stinky)


Color:  Blue and White

Comments:  This babies nickname is stinky because she is so darn smart.   She is a stinker.   She is such a lover and a great mommy.   She loves to sleep under the covers wih her humans.

Name: ​ Angel Luv's Eclipse

Birthdate:   06/11/2017

Color:  Black Smoke

Comments:  She is a very sweet quiet little girl.  She loves to play and cuddle with her humans.  

Name:   Angel Luv's Calista

Birthdate:   06/11/2017

Color:  Calico 

Comments: This little girl is super smart.  She is a wonderful loving mommy she even helps take care of other girls babies and she is a super cuddler as well.

Caspene's Dad's Pedigree

Creamy Marshmellow's Mom's Pedigree

Calista's Dad's Pedigree

The Queens of Angel Luv Persians

Caspene's Mom is Calista see her to see the mom's pedigree

​Tinkerbell's Mom's Pedigree

​Eclipses Mom's Pedigree

Calliel's Mom's Pedigree

Creamy Marshmellow's Dad's Pedigree

Calliel's Dad's Pedigree

Name:   Angel Luv's Creamy Marshmellow


Color:  Cameo and White 

Comments: This little girl loves to play and is full of energy.  She loves to purr and cuddle.  She likes being held and is a very sweet little girl.

Elektra's Mom is Calista see her to see the mom's pedigree

Tinkerbell's Dad's Pedigree

​Eclipses Dad's Pedigree

Elektra's Dad's Pedigree

Angel Luv Persians

Calista's Mom's Pedigree

Name:   Angel Luv's Trixibella

Birthdate:   11/17/2014

Color:  Dilute Calico

Comments: She is a very sweet and cute little girl who loves to cuddle and explore.

Name:   Angel Luv's Callie

Birthdate:   05/05/2018

Color:  Brown Patch Tabby and White

Comments:  Callie is a very sweet little girl who loves to play and cuddle with her humans.   She is a very social little girl.

Name:   Angel Luv's Caspene Pearl

Birthdate:   09/17/2019

Color:  Brown Tabby and White Van

Comments: This girl is the biggest cuddler I have ever seen.   She is so loving and sweet but also has a playful and sweet side as well.   Such a sweet little joy.

Name:   Fancy Fluffs Anastasia of Angel Luv

Birthdate:   08/21/2015

Color:  Calico

Comments: She is a playful baby.  When you pick her up she just melts in your arms.  We are so lucky to have her , such a lover.

Name:   Angel Luv's Elecktra (aka Lexi)

Birthdate:   09/17/2019

Color:  Calico

Comments: This is a mischevious little kitten.   She loves getting into things and loves to give and get hugs and cuddles .  She is such a sweetheart.