Welcome to Angel Luv Persians.  We are a small CFA registered home run Persian cattery in soutwestern Pennsylvania.   I have always had a love of Persian cats.   Our persians live with us as our pets.     All of our cats sleep in bed with us (if they choose) and get treated like our pets.   We love each and every cat that we have with us.  They receive a lot of personal attention every day.  They are also exposed to children so that they are child and cat friendly when they go home.   We also give our cats and kittens regular baths.   When they go home it is encouraged to keep bathing them so that they won't be difficult to bathe when they are older.   I love to see pictures of the babies after they go to their forever homes and we try and help our new kitty parents with any questions or concerns that they may have.  We love our babies very much and that is why we breed is for the love of the kitties. here.

Angel Luv Persians

Allegheny County,  PA 15026

Clinton, PA 15026

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Welcome to the Home of Angel Luv Persians
Bashzan's Persians Catteries Located in Pittsburgh, PA​ 

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